by othermen

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the second installment of THE MORGUEEEEEEE

this installment brings you music from the dead the past which mimicks the future.

AC_WIT's 'Wiley On A Dotted Line' is unfinished due to his untimely death during the creation of this compilation.
The same goes for MU's 'Nightswim (v2455)'.
They will forever rest, in peace, in the morgue.


released June 3, 2017

Ellis Warren, Mason James, Garama Fim, MU, AC_WIT, Boy Slamm



all rights reserved


othermen UK

the morgue.

' Boxist
' MU
' snowman
' Solo Fold
' think twice

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Track Name: think twice x EMP - minute riddim
draw the shapes faster than olympians on track
collapse into my seat when i get back home to the
nest, i invest a lot of time banking cheques,
arrested in a jungle of a mixture of shit, I am
back on track, got a jungle spliff lit my mans
back in fact we just spoke, tooth picks on my
chestplate fallen down from my bad mouth,
it belongs to a man from down south, (what?)

self invasive righteous prick digs himself a grave then
turns up late bearing nothing but a paper plate
done with it forever it's away and in the past but if you
figure out my bars then your heart starts beating fast out of
fear for yourself seeing through the eye of the needle
face in the sand fuck a band give me an easel
Track Name: snowman - Dreadful
I step down from the throne let my rhythm speak
I've been sitting here, smoking til i fall asleep
darker in the streets than it seems in real life, i can't
make think twice work so peep peep this beat right?

the knowledge never sees the light of day so fucking
trapped in our walls, the spliff calls til the final day.
i'm rip rolling flip folding with the team aye i'm
angry they can feel it just accept i'm in my dreams in the

they go away
i'm dreadful, i'm dreadful.
Track Name: EMP - Pure Anger 2
impulsive with compulsions convoluted when i open up
I sober up faster than a stolen truck
no attention's good for us with no intentions next up we're
lost in the woods of our walls so we 'fessed up.
I'm not as messed up as it may seem,
carved in the walls of my dreams i feel absolved i feel
clean. Same words different loop, different bars luxurious i'm
furious make distant you.
Hardstyle heartache drilling through my senses
don't mind if i partake half the stakes on my entrance.
When i sing i feel defenseless, open doors with the right words i'm fucked senseless
It's my own fault its the way it goes around comes
back does some weird shit follow through grab the crown
place it on the dome rush anxiety and ecstacy,
power's all mine but oh shit it got the best of me!